Goat (Live) @ Glastonbury 2013

Goat preformed a crazy set down in Glastonbury.
Check out all the hip dance moves and chic wardrobes

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New Order - Live from 1981

It’s been a while since I’ve put anything up on the classic live section of The Daily Soup but today I’ve got a gem here.

Only a few days after their debut album ‘Movement’ was released on 1981, New Order set off to New-York and preformed live at The Ukrainian National Home.

The first few songs are a bit raw but it gets better along the way. (Jump ahead to the third minute where the show actually starts).

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Pulp Live on Coachella 2012

I didn’t get to visit the Coachella festival this your (or any other year for that matter) but I did follow it closely through it’s fantastic live video feed on youtube.

One of the most definite highlights for me were Pulp, preforming on their reunion tour and doing the really best of their magnificent repertuar.
It was also a chance to see Jarvis Cocker in action with his riveting stage presence.

Unlike other outstanding performers like Jagger or Iggy Pop which relay on their physical abilities, Cocker’s forte is in his verbal capabilities and the way he makes the whole show a complete and continuous narrative.

Here is the whole set, it’s worth your while.
(You can skip about six minutes ahead until the show actually starts)

via The Daily Soup http://bit.ly/JKF303